I'm Monte.


My name is Monte Michaelis and I'm a creative director. I grew up in Alaska, began my career in Seattle, and today work in New York City. I hold two creative degrees: a BS in graphic design and an AAA in animation.


I've been fortunate to have had a broad and exciting career in media. I've worn many hats and I have many arrows in my quiver. I know what it takes to engage an audience, build business, and achieve ambitious creative goals.


I'm a twenty-year veteran of the creative industry. I've worked as an animator, a college professor, an agency designer, a game studio art director, and a creative director of pretty much everything. I am Director of Experience Design at Slalom Build in New York City.


I'm an empathetic listener, a human-centered manager, a data-driven strategist, an excellent communicator, an expert teacher, and an intuitive mentor. I have both the social awareness and the technical expertise necessary to thrive as a creative leader.


+1 425 501-7416