Senior Designer 

Entertainment and education experiences at Smashing Ideas

The Job

Senior Designer

2006 - 2009

Resonant entertainment experiences focus on human beings, first and foremost. This means finding out what people want and how people play. While at Smashing Ideas I learned the importance of knowing and respecting the audience, whether that audience is kids or grown-ups. My sensibility for creating engaging, human-centered design was been sharpened by dozens upon dozens of productions.

The Work


Adult Swim / Smashing Ideas

Summary: I conceived and designed this irreverent platformer, and illustrated all the characters, backgrounds, and menus. 


Responsibilities: Client pitch, story, game design, concept art, user interface, character design, illustration, animation.

Brands + Clients

Smashing Ideas

Summary: I collaborated with many stakeholders to gather insights and to meet the needs of the clientele.

Responsibilities: RFP response, client engagement, insight gathering, brainstorming, and presentation.

Games + Sites

Smashing Ideas

Summary: I designed game mechanics, developed art assets, and conducted play tests for a wide range of online entertainment.


Responsibilities: Client engagement, brainstorming, visual design, illustration, and animation.