Art Director 

Web and print production at DigiPen

The Job

Art Director

2003 - 2006

Media needs for private education are extensive. As art director I oversaw the corporate brand identity, served as the primary point of contact for all offsite vendors, and directly managed internal production staff. I was also a full-time faculty member at this time, and am an adjunct lecturer to this day. Every project starts with a conversation and a pencil, and teaching has improved my skill with both.

The Work

Art Direction

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Summary: I designed physical merchandise, marketing materials, and managed the production team.


Responsibilities: Art direction, graphic design, illustration, branding, people management.

Classroom Instruction

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Summary: I teach college classes in animation, design, illustration, storyboarding, and portfolio.


Responsibilities: Course content development, classroom instruction, and mentoring.